Blackhearted Bess     Gaoler

Take heed, my friend and beware of this charming little lass! Sicilian born and brothel bred, she chose piracy of her own free will. Beautiful but deadly, she lives by the three W's.... Wits, Wiles, and Weapons. If you cross her, she'll pretend to overlook it, but death is imminent if you fall to her pray! She will use her brothel learned wiles, her got given wits, and her word in yer backside when she gives you one last kiss. Your money, and your life for these are prizes for those who wrong her. Never go against a sicilian.... When death is on the line.

Icechest       Sailor

I was just a wee las when I was stolen from my gypsy life as a princess of free living spirits. My family was brutally murdered before my very eyes by he who would then become my preserver and preceptor. This man was known only to me as The Vane. He showed me to live by my bow. To trust non and to remain unseen or heard everywhere I went. I am know only to a few for my reputation has no name to be spoken of.  this is how I have survived these many years.....poison tipped arrows and my bow are all that i have in the world, but now I have a crew to protect. This be my family now. Dare not to test my skill when thee threaten my brethren.....for ye will not recall thy ending as it will be swift and silent!

Lady Coaster       Sailor

Lady Coaster's mother died in childbirth and as soon as she was old enough her father sold her to a Tavern owner. She was trapped singing and waiting on people day and night, until one day a handsome pirate entered the tavern and started a ruckus.  As soon as the owner was distracted she made her escape and stowed away on his ship.  The handsome sailor found her and she told him her tale.  Feeling enchanted by her, he agreed to take Lady Coaster to his captain and teach her to be a pirate. That captain was Captain Morgan and she has been sailing as an outlaw ever since!

Alatchka      Sailor​​

"The Flying Dutchwoman"...Pirate Wench~Singer~Bellydancer.  "Just as the sight of the Flying Dutchman spelled doom for sailors of lore, the heart of many a modern-day sailor has been doomed after gazing upon Alatchka, "The Flying Dutchwoman"!  The daughter of a Dutch Naval Officer and a Russian Countess, she was kidnapped at an early age by pirates while sailing to the Dutch East Indies. She soon decided that a life of adventure at sea, was more thrilling than an uneventful life on land".​

Annika     Sailor

Annika learn’t her Cooper skills while a small girl grow’n up in tha’ coastal town of Marstrand, Sweden.  Her father was an ole salt ship builder who built an’ repair’d all kinds o’ floatin’ vessels—from wee sail boats ta mass’ve ships.  Her mum worked in their family’s gen’ral store, teachin’ her an’ her sister all about weights, measures, sales an’ preservin’ foodstuff—from cackle fruit ta hardtack ta rum.  But t’was from her father an’ brothers she learn’t tha best way to struc’ure an’ secure barrels an’ devise the craftiest of uses for ‘em when brok’n down.  As a young lass, her ingenu’ty found her a spot on her father’s crew—help’n design an’ create built-in ship storage for the most lux’rious o’ vessels.  Always a sea luver an’ enjoyn’ nuthin’ more than watchin’ endless waves o’ sail boats arrive, t’was no surprise ta her tha’ she fell fer a young buccaneer.  She an’ her sister stole away wit a couple of young handsome vagabonds as one summer drew to a close.  Tho ‘er romance event’ly faded into tha depths o’ tha sea, there was no time to be hangin’ tha jib!  Fer her love o’ sailin’ never falter’d an’ call’d her ta tha horizon.  Thru a series o’ misadventures she cross’d paths wit da Captain who was swept off his feet wit her stunnin’ smile an’ crafty mind.  She’s been findin’ thastrangest o’ places fer barrels an’ foodstuff an’ wheeln’ an’ dealn’ fer tha best o’ provisions fer the crew o’ the Magic Dragon’er since!​

​​​​Jaded Jess    Sailor

Jaded Jess The daughter of a Bermuda ship builder and her mother a bar maid. Jess developed a love for the sea and acquired the skills for sailing early on. Disguising herself as a man she boarded the nearest ship. Once aboard she fell in love with a pirate known as Loose Lips Larry. Only Larry knew she was actually a woman. One day Jess discovered Larry in a house of ill repute in Port Royal. Jess followed the philanderer into the abode and caught him with a wench named Winifred. Jess became enraged and went for her flintlock. She chased Larry around the room firin' off rounds one after the other an' reloadin' until she was out of ammo She then drew her trusty cutlass and the sword fight of the century began. ''Twas a bloody battle with Loose Lips Larry on the loosing side. Jess became jaded and vowed to never love again. She returned to her ship and set sail. All was well, until one stormy day, her ship was plundered by the Magic Dragon and its crew of Outlaw pirates. Amazed at the site of seeing a ship manned by lady pirates, she knew this was her destiny and asked to join the crew. Now known as Jaded Jess, she sails the seas as an Outlaw and became the lady pirate she was always mention to be.

Mary Mayhem     Morale Officer

Mary Mayhem hails from Crosshaven, a quiet fishin’ village in South Ireland.  She be the mid’l o’ eight advent’rous child’en to a shy Cath’lic mum an’ stoic Viking fath’r.  She lived simply an’ hap’ly by tha sea, tradin’ fish an’ seashells fer candy as a clever child an’ fer spirits as a raucous lass.  When her fath’r an’ two o’ her broth’rs were killed by British police, loyal an’ cunnin’ Mayhem set a black spot aft’r any Brit she met.  She help’d care fer her siblin’s by day an’ seduced an’ hornswaggl’d foolhardy Davy into to teachin’ her about weapons an’ war by night.  When a merchant ship bound fer England made port, she barter’d fer passage, plannin’ her revenge ta blow down as many British off’cers as she could.  Not two days hence, the ship hit a reef an’ she plung’d into tha frigid ocean, sure ta be dancin’ the hempen jig.  She woke to find ‘erself face ta face wit de Captain.  “A fiery beauty such as yerself be plannin’ ta use these?”  Captain asked as he prepar’d ta return ‘er blunderbuss an’ cutlass.  She shook ‘er head an’ replied:  “I mean ye no harm, but be given no quarters to Brits.”  She’s been the Captain’s Enforcer e’er since—keepin’ tha crew in line in carousin’ an’ pol’tics an’ ensurin’ enemies of tha crew (an’ any Brit that crosses ‘er path) be dead men tellin’ no tales

Kitten Barbossa         Sailor Fearsome Fairy

She be rare breed of Pirate that sails the sea . Her father was a strong feared Pirate yet charming enough to be the only Pirate to win the heart of a fairy Princess, Kitten's mother. Being o' both pirate and Fairy blood, Kitten is both loved and feared . She has a pure heart,bringing light to even the darkest o' waters and lands. Giving love, joy, and light to all around her. She keeps watch o'er the creatures that be pure o' heart o' both the land and o' the sea. Beware ye try endangering those lives or their homes for she be one of the most magical fairies! With Pirate blood flowin' in 'er veins and 'er magical heart, she will stand up for what is right and send ye walkin' to Davy Jones locker without even settin' 'er hands on 'er flintlock or cutlass!

Sparrow Voile      Able Sailor/ Pilot

Her island in the Pacific was attacked and looted by pirates when she were only five yers of age. Although 'er family escaped from the island safely, Sparrow was trapped during the looting. Once the pirates were asleep, she snuck onto the pirate ship to find food and stowed away hoping the pirates would follow 'er family. Instead, they sailed to far away lands to find treasure, and while Sparrow stayed hidden, she quickly learned the way of the pirates - and the way of their ship. She jumped from vessel to vessel at every port, often swimming for hours to board different ships unseen. This lifestyle brought her in contact with mermaids who she befriended immediately. They taught her the way o' the sirens. She stowed away on different ships she learning how each boat worked. For years she took in the sights of different lands, the taste of different rums, and the feel of the ocean in all its calm and all its rage. When she was too big to hide anymore, she saved herself from walking the plank by proving that she had become a savvy pilot - able to sail the fiercest seas, fight the toughest adversaries, swim with the most dangerous of mermaids, and pillage with the saltiest pirates the seven seas have e'er seen

Mon Ami Cheri     Able Sailor

"There now, just relax and try to remember what happened"she said as she stroked his hair.  And soon asleep,he was. Gently she put his arm on his stomach as she got up from the edge of the bunk, placed the cool rag upon his forehead. "Well then, I shall be back when you awake." Across the room she, slowly, strutted and out to the Captains stateroom. "Captain luv,  he's in quite a state of shock. He be asleep now, I'll check on him later. I wonder what happened out there? Shall I give him a sponge bath? He is a bit...stinky!" "No, that won't be necessary Cheri' but watch out, make sure he don't jump ship again!!" "As you say Captain, wouldn't dream of takin me eyes off him!" It had been a day like no other, aboard the Magic Dragon, especially for the lad the crew had found scouting out their treasure spot. What they had done to him was unknown....As well as what was to be done. Mon Ami Cheri, was the only lass aboard who was able to calm down most anyone, with her soothing voice, and ocean blue eyes. She smelled of vanilla n lavenders of the finest trades, her hands smooth as a well varnished rail, she wore satins, velvets, silks tethered with lace from round the world. It had been her dream ta find a crew to sail with, to dine with, to laugh with!  For in her travels she knew the finest of people were the people of the sea.

Ambrosia      Striker

Ambrosia was bu’ a wee child when ‘er gypsy mum left the Mediterranean coast for the West Indies with a strappin’ Spanish swashbuckle. As a young’un, she learned t’ hunt an’ fish from the natives an’ found a love o’ th’ sea! But bein’ an unruly lass with a penchant fer rum, and no strumpet like ‘er mum, she grew restless bein’ marooned! She looked fer a way out ta see th’ world. The way came by a handsome privateer who was in awe of her tanned skin, fishin' abil'ties an 'fortitude fer spirits an he swept ‘er off ‘er feet. When the privateer got loaded to the gunwalls and she caught ‘im crackin’ Jenny’s tea cup so she took off, but not before stowin’ his stash of doubloons! With ‘er loot, black jack o’ clap o’ thunder, cutlass an’ fathom of twine she went north up the coast. When not enjoyin’ bumboo on the beach, she is a sutler, sellin’ meat, herbs an’ foraged fruits an’ nuts to sailors. Ambrosia helps keep the crew sustain’ with ‘er sea catches, land hunts and what’er else she manages to scavenge, steal er sweet talk from the unsuspectin’!

Sweet Pickl       Sailor Pilot

Grippin' hands hold the wheel o' the Captains ship, The Magic Dragon. Tis lass wonders to herself, "What an adventure tis will be." She steers the ship away from the scoundrels that pursued her and this treasure seekin ship. Thinkin, as she wiped her rain stained brow, she could still hear the voice, "Port to Starboard!" This voice is where her intense love o' sailin' began. Dare not be mistaken, her duties more than any, for she know the rudder like 'er own hand, and though it be only a small part o' the ship, the way it be turned can put one or all in or out o' danger.

Feather      Master Gunner

This salty lass hails from the green hills of Ireland and was raised from the lowest of thieves. She was taught in the skills of thievery, fighting and drinking like a man, but it weren't enough fer 'er. She took to the open ocean trading with natives, finding hearts to steal, and learning the quick hand of a sword under the disguise of a young lad aboard many vessels. This strong lass finds 'erself on the list of the most wanted thieves with a grand prize on 'er head.  Jumping from port to port, stealing and taking from the many pockets with a simple game of liars dice. This lass once found 'erself surrounded by the Queen's Navy. Out of nowhere a black ship with a black sails appears blowing cannon, sinking the navy and savin the lass. Captain Morgan and his lovely first mate asked 'er to join the crew of outlaw pirates aboard the Magic Dragon. Tho thar weren't a real choice between death or being a pirate, she graciously accepted and works under the order of the beautiful Caribbean Pearl. Ye be warned to ne'er ask for a game of liars dice, give 'er a drink or anger her for thar be no winning for ye in the end.

Sapphire      Sailor

Sapphire be born at sea durin' one o' t' most terrifyin' sea storms thar ever was. Her mother went t' Davy Jones' locker givin' birth t' her and her father soon followed suit due t' a broken heart. She was raised on t’ sea by a multitude o' captains and sailors as brothers and fathers and now she be t' best sailor on t' seven seas. You might think this childhood seems bleak, but for her it be all she knows. She isn’t complete without t' sea at her feet. She has been all over t' world sailin' free as can be. Ruthless, cunnin', and cleaver, she loves a hearty laugh and a good ale. If you treat her with respect and humor you will never see t' havoc she can bestow. Beware o' her temper, because it be much like that terrifyin' storm she was born durin'. If adventure is what yer after, follow her and she will show you what you hav’ been missin’.

Josephine *aka Cookie*      Cook


She be a rogue pirate by birth. A rumored descendent of Irish Selkies, she seeks adventure and courts Mischief whene'er the chance arises. They don't call 'er the Mistress of Mischief fer nothin! This vixen can charm 'er way out of any cell and into any port. If yer lucky she'll show ya how she does it! There be no other scallywag that can cook better n' this bawdy lass or who pours a better flagon of ale! One taste o' her cookin and ye'll be hooked! Tread lightly howe'er, if ye get on 'er bad side, ye may end up findin poison in yer grog!

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Jenny Black Cloud      Sailor Master Carpenter

As soon as this lass laid eyes on the likes o' all the men chasin' wenches, swiggin' rum, hootin' and hollerin', shootin' off their flintlocks and wavin' their cutlasses about, she knew this was the place she wanted to be! "Pirates!" she gasped. With wide hazel eyes, she gazed with amazement and awe at the large wooden vessel in front o' her. Makin' sure not to be seen, she traipsed aboard to get a better look at the woodwork. She'd ne'er seen such beauty! The ship set sail with her still stowed away. She were soon found out and were taken under the wing o' the Master Carpenter to learn the secrets therein. Now she be a Master in 'er own right. Beware, her tool may be able to carve wood into the most beautiful treasure, or become the weapon o' choice to carve out yer heart!

Stormin Norma   First Mate

Having been a good girl at birth, she turned Pirate in her youth due to the untimely passing o' 'er father. Bein in need, no one wanted ta 'elp the poor lass. What were she ta do? The winds blew 'er and 'er heart towards the Captain, who spoke of great treasure to be found. This rough 'n rowdy lass sealed her fate side by side with Captain Morgan aboard The Magic Dragon. Heed me warning, stare not into 'er eyes for thar brews a storm within them that will either raise ye from the dead or send ya to yer grave. Ye've been warned! 

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Captain Morgan      TheCaptain

He is as he is. If ye have to ask ye'll never know. He lives by these rules and these rules alone:

Shut up, work and do as yer told!

                             The Crew o' the Magic Dragon

Sirenity Mishell         Sailor

This mysterious lass, born at sea, was somehow spared from the terrible fate of the siren's song that washed away all memory of her family's ship and claimed the lives of all aboard except the wee babe. Mesmerized by the haunting harmonies of the sirens, she drifted off to sleep to the sounds of their deadly lullaby. Taking pity on the peaceful sleeping child, they raised her as their own and called her "Siren-ity." She learned the ways of the sirens, casting her voice to the waves as they sang and scaling the highest cliffs to join her siren sisters as they soared above the mists. A child of the sea and skies she grew, with an adventurous sprit as free as the wind and waves. And so it was, until one day, while climbing the rocky cliffs to join her sea sisters in song to greet the incoming storm, she heard distant notes of different kind of melody drifting across the waves and carrying with them the allure of a new life and the promise of adventure. Overcome by her curiosity, she silently slipped away from her sisters to seek out the source of these strange sounds. They led her to Captain Morgan and his crew, all singing and dancing aboard the Magic Dragon. Welcomed by the crew, she met the pirate Sandokan, who played the music of distant lands and worlds of adventure she longed to have. For the first time since the shipwreck as a babe, she found herself once more aboard a ship, and embraced the strangely familiar feeling. Warning the Captain of the dangers that lay ahead, the ships course and fates of all those aboard were altered. Sirenity never looked back and has been sailing with the crew ever since, singing with her newfound family, climbing the ship masts and swinging from the highest ropes. For all those wishing to cross Captain Morgan and his crew, howe'er, here be a warnin' to ye... don't be mistakin' her silence for sweetness, for "sirens have a still more fatal weapon than their song, namely their silence... someone might possibly have escaped from their singing; but not from their silence, certainly never."

Madam Lola         Sailor

Madam Lola Here be the surgeon’s assistant, Madam Lola. She was taught by the great healers of her family who sailed off the islands of Italy. With her skills in apothecary, she assists the surgeon dispersing the meds to heal ya with a shot of rum to please ya. Lola was on a merchant ship with a wicked master. The captain was abusive and would whip the devil out of anyone who didn't live up to his excessive expectations. Lola spied the Magic Dragon in Port Royal and went to see Captain Morgan who listened to her tales of woe. Morgan took her in to be part of his crew as an assistant surgeon.

Lola       Sailor

Heave Ho! Heave Ho! As she pulled the ropes, Lola sang a song she learned as a little girl in Mexico. For it was there in that barren, empty place that she was forced to marry Ricardo, a man she didn't love and forsaken by the only family she knew. Love, what did she know of it? Pain was all she had, it permeated her soul, like water in the sand. Her heart melted knowing that the only way back to her children was to entertain the scoundrels who didn't deserve to hear her guitars soft strum or the sweet words that lingered upon those shiny, red ruby lips. The very little coin that was left for her was adding up! That made her smile an jump upon the wooden rail of the Magic Dragon kicking a leg high in the air. Stubborn determination was paying off! An soon, she'd have revenge on those that treated her with disdain! Take to heart her ways.... for beneath that lovely smile, thar's a fire that burns in a set direction and will catch and an all rubbish on her path!!

Mad Yank Seashell     Sailor

A beach of broken shells littered her past, until washed up on the dark shores of England, whereupon a pirate crew bestowed life into her yellowed yank bones. This began a journey, a voyage of spirit and triumph, lasting six months in the company of her new found brethren and with an ending that is yet to be determined. Her life saved, death narrowly defeated, she arose anew from that which did not kill her, now stronger than ever with poison coursing through her veins she now carries forth onto the seas, taunting the weak-willed with siren challenges-showing how to feel alive despite adversity.... Ye be warned- heed her call, her message or be cast upon rocky shores to an early demise!

Alev       Sailor Entertainer/Belly Dancer

Alev, Alev,.....Alev!!! So she heard her name being called by the FIRSTMATE "The Captain would like a spirited dance tonight." "Whatever the Captain wants!"she said, as she climbed up the stairs jingling. Beckoned every night for the soul pleasure of a hardworking crew, and "The Captain's" entertainment aboard the Magic Dragon. She'd been daydreaming again of the moment she learned how to move herself skillfully like a serenaded cobra . Round about a barrel, on top the barrel, (sipping from the barrel ) she danced.  Being taken by a Commodore, at a tender age, who forced her to dance at the gypsy villages, she dreamed of a day when her dance could entice that of a handsomely loaded Pirate who'd fight to set her free. As she danced for the Captain she smiled, twirled, and shook all her womanliness, two and fro with the sway of ship on the water, laughing with glee, sailed away knowing she'd been saved. "Whatever the Captain wants!"

Raptor Wild         Sailor

Raptor Wild. The name says it all, venomous and unpredictable. Her legend hails from the backwoods of Southeastern marsh. She was born a bastard child from a fiery red headed succour from the Delta. A bit of a Gypsy at heart, she became a drifter at the wee age of 15 heading westward with the wind at her back. With the blood of a Pirate in her she could never settle. Trudging from desert sands to white cap mountains but she knew all the while she had the sea in her veins and the call in her heart. From coast to coast she left her brand on the hearts of hapless victims, they were an easy mark. Her beauty and charm is like poison. She lure's you in with her crossword smile and naivete taking all she wants then vanishing into the abyss, gone without a trace. Walk softly in her path or or suffer the snakebite of ruthless beauty. A Pirate from the wild she truly is.

Cutthroat Annie         Sailor

Cutthroat Annie Born Christina Anna, Baroness of the Baltic Sea. Daughter of Baron Jacob Skytte. Being born into royalty she was a spoiled child and had such a rebellious fiery spirit within her. The rules of a Baroness did not suit her. She needed adventure and had to break the bonds that weighed her down. She ran off into the night in search of excitement and found herself aboard a merchant ship where she had to cut the throats of some scallywags in order to keep herself from being held captive. Later in her life as a sailor, her merchant ship was taken by pirates flying the flag of the Magic Dragon whose master was Captain Morgan. As always, Morgan gave Annie a choice to live and be a pirate or die and be sent to Davey Jone's locker. Annie decided the pirate's life was for her and she became a crew member.

Chaeya      Sailor Trader

Chaeya (formally Chaya) defected from the harem of an Indian prince after she castrated him in his sleep for his years of cruelty and slight of her. Chaeya stole away to the port of Goa where she disguised herself as a man and became a translator for a Dutch merchant.  With him, she learned where to obtain and trade spices, perfumes, textiles, and precious jewels, all the while avoiding the huntsmen of the prince who put a heavy bounty on her head.  It soon became too dangerous for her to stay in India and she made her way to Madagascar where she met up with the privateer Captain Don Francisco who brought her to the Caribbean.  Because of her trade experience, she is known to be able to obtain and trade many items from India, Persia, and Africa.  The prince convinced Shah Aurangzeb, the son of Shah Jahan to increase the bounty on her head to double the heaviest man’s weight in gold, more money than was ever paid for a once Hindu slave.  However, due to her own skill with the blade and the fear of the prince’s fate befalling them, very few scoundrels dare to engage her.  Thus, she is known in some circles as Chaeya the Eunuch Maker.

Salomé      Sailor Belly Dancer

Salomé set sail on the seas to escape the heartbreak from the man who was indifferent to her love. With a dazzling smile to hide the dark thoughts in her heart, she danced to draw the admiring gaze of the crew, attempting to forget the one who never noticed. In time she realized her worth was far beyond that of he who was blind to her charms and she became a force of nature. Now her smile is genuine, as she shimmies through life, creating beautiful works of art with her curves and her paints.

Lady Ooh LaLa     Sailor Clothier

Our Buxom Blonde Lass originally appeared on our ship as a stowaway finding solace on the High Seas and no means on land.
Orphaned at a young age, her mother, branded a witch,  was burned at the stake and her father lost at sea in search o' treasure. The crew appreciated her daring ways and lust for the sea and welcomed her aboard. She took the position o' a SailMaker, a skill she learned to pull her weight on many a voyage.  She has been known to charm the boots off unsuspectin' blokes whilst emptying thar pockets. Don't be fooled by her calm demeanor, she'll turn on ya right quick to protect her new beloved pirate family.

Angel O'Malley    Sailor Navigator's Mate

Angel O’Malley was born to a grand house and a fyne family of merchants on the coast of Ireland. When  she was yet a wee lass 'er parents disappeared at sea mysteriously. She was raised by 'er aunt as a proper lady and were expected to marry a suitable husband of great age and title but o' little fortune. To 'er that be a fate worse than death, and so she ran off to the sea and joined this crew of female pirates. Here she seeks to find a fortune of her own, and if the tides will, the secret of her parent’s fate.

Ariel Firewater         Sailor Rum Runner

She be a comely corsair with a love of the high seas and grand exploits. For years ne’er a mooring, pirate, or cog could tame her, and she roamed the world seeking booty and adventure… it wasn’t
until she found the Captain and his raucous crew did she find her bearings. In return for quarter on the Magic Dragon, she keeps the firewater flowing, whether it be a tankard of ale, cask of grog, swig of rum, or a barrel of bumboo. Her wandering heart sends her where the wind blows… so don’t be fooled by her charms, this scallywag will pillage your pockets and heart before ye have a chance to beg for parley. Never one to give quarter, she’s quick to the steel if ye so
much as consider crossing her… savvy?

Celeste       Sailor Spirtualist

Born a bastard child t' a Spanish Lord an' 'is servant she was sent t' morocco t' live wit' her gypsy grandmother who taught her the ways o' her people. She be an expert in oils an' herbs an' believes th' spirits be jus' as real as th' livin. She took the life of a pirate fer tryin' t' take advantage o' her then took 'is place aboard a ship when she were only 17!  She met the Outlaw Pirates in the Caribbean, was welcomed aboard and made the Magic Dragon 'er home!

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Aurelia         Surgeon

Here be the best surgeon sailing the high seas! Thar be no ailment she can't cure wit her blade a bit o' rum. Ye be warned, if ye cross her or her crew, this scuvy surgeon will have ye beggin to walk the plank!

Horizon    Sailor Navigator

Born with an intense lovin' o' the sea and o' adventure, she has traveled the world searchin' fer treasure and new lands. She be our Navigator, gettin' us safely to our next adventure. The Captain and First Mate seek 'er guidance whene'er thar be a question about our headin. This scuvy lass ne'er turns down a new place or a chance at findin treasure. She goes where the wind takes her and ne'er looks back!

Batsy Lawless     Sailor Assassin

Defector from the legendary Shadow Guild, Batsy is a trained thief and assassin. A gun for hire, she offers her sword to the highest bidder. Pray she hasn't taken an interest in the bounty on your head or you'll be sent to Davy Jones' Locker...sooner rather than later.

Lucy Rebella     Able Sailor

​Gentlemen and scoundrels, beware! Her shy smile an’ rosy cheeks be the tricks of her trade. Those who keep her company for the night wake up penniless as the day they were born. She leaves no trace of her presence, save for a stain from her lips on the cheek. Those who seek revenge can never find her, for she always be on the run with her crew aboard the Magic Dragon.

Z       Sailor Fortune Teller

A slave to a savage barbarian of the North, one day she stood in the snow barefoot on the side of the mountain in chains and called to the gods for mercy. In the wind and the snow Rae, the god of the sun, heard her call. Looking down Rae became seduced by 'er hair and eyes.  He decided to grant 'er mercy and let 'er escape. He cast a spell on 'er eyes, made them gold and gave her the ability to read the minds of anyone she looks upon. In 'er hair he gave the power o' the secrets o' the night. One strand o' hair tied to yer neck and she can read yer future and bless it with fortune or a life of woe if ye cross 'er. She escaped to the west and commandeered a boat.  Now, a wanted woman, she sailed it to the south where she joined a band of pirates. Captain of her own ship, Bassat Amire, she sails along side the Magic Dragon. Stay on 'er good side other wise she might seduce you with 'er eyes and take all yer money. She might read yer fortune or spin a tale of woes and misfortune if ye cross 'er. She might steal yer loot and hold captive yer thoughts.

Scarlett O'Malley   Boson

Born in Ireland, she was the only daughter of a well-respected physician.  When Cromwell invaded her beloved island, she lost her father, mother and brothers to the gallows, who were condemned as rebels. She narrowly escaped and she found work in a seaside brothel, where she soon discovered that most of the Pirates needed her medical skills far more than her harlot services. Scarlett began to trade her skills for lessons in sword play and marksmanship as well as gold. She learned to fight better than most men, favoring the Florentine style of sword play but calling upon her pistol if out manned. Captain Morgan found Scarlett, fighting off would be kidnappers sent by another Captain, who wanted both her harlot and medical skills for his ship. Although she was doing a fine job of it, seeing she was outmanned, the Captain and crew stepped in. Once he knew her story, the Captain knew he could make use of Scarlett’s wits as well as her deadly beauty and healing skills. The Captain promised her respect, freedom and a family. She serves loyally on his crew as the ship’s nurse and First Mate to the First Mate to this day.  

Runa Erikson         Sailor

I was born a Norse princess to a mighty Viking king. I was the only daughter and I had 6 brothers who taught me well. I can read a map, use the stars to find my way, hoist a sail, navigate a fjord and slit yer throat without a sound. It was during the summer of my 16th year, that my father promised my hand in marriage to Prince Alf of Denmark. I, being the strong willed sort, would have nothing of it. I got me best mates, a dozen or so, and we dressed like sailors and commandeered a ship. After a bit at sea, we became a pirate crew. We caused much havoc up and down the seaboard. The king of Denmark grew tired of us irksome pirates and sent his Prince Alf and a navy ship to do battle. The battle between Alf and we pirates was fierce! We repelled their attack and we counter attacked. After the smoke cleared, Prince Alf’s ship was in flames. While the battle ensued, another ship was passing and it was the Magic Dragon captained my none other than Captain Morgan. The Magic Dragon and her crew watched as we did battle and when it was over, Captain Morgan came along side our ship and joined in our victory celebration. Captain Morgan liked what he saw and took several pirates in under his wing as Outlaw Pirates. I was one of those lucky few!!!



​​STELLA​     ships pet



Nimue Wanderlust    Sailor Vagrant Merchant

Named after the Lady Of The Lake from Arthurian legend, as it was believed that Nimue (Pronounced Nim-oo-aye) had been born from water itself.

She was found in the woods as an abandoned child and picked up by a gang of wandering gypsies where she learned to sculpt, craft jewelry and make fine soaps in order to trade as a means of survival.
Possessing unusual charms and a natural nymph-like and playful spirit, she befriends and enchants almost all she meets adding joy and laughter to the blackest of hearts and sometimes inadvertently breaking a few as her free spirit remains quite untamable. Due to her upbringing and nomadic lifestyle, she often longs for travel and keeps her gaze set on the horizon waiting for the next adventure.

Missi Albatross    Sailor Scribe

Missi once lived happy go lucky life on the farm with her family. This lass knew there were somthin’ else out there fer her. She taught herself to read an’ write. Her favorite bein’ the ancient tales o’ battles an’ heroics. She fancied a time when she may be the victor. Her dream became a sudden reality when a man double crossed her kin, killin’ a dear member of the Albatross Family. Rumors spread that the scallywag had set sail to escape the wrath sworn upon ‘em.  Others say he disappeared and was ne’er seen again. Missi started her adventure out to sea, seeking revenge on the man who betrayed her family. Relentless in her quest Missi leaves a trail of misfortune to any man who dare cross her. Each day on the Magic Dragon brings new journeys for Missi to record, making sure the world knows never to cross her, or her crew, again. 

Rose Red-Rum     Sailor Sea Artist

This lass was raised along the coast of Venice, California. Her father were a greatly feared French Pirate Captain who was murdered in a seaside pub when his back were turned. Her mother, a Spanish Gypsy, taught her about the stars. She inherited her psychic abilities and gypsy eyes from her mother, while she inherited her strength and pirating ways from her father. Like both her parents, Rose be a natural born explorer and adventurer. She travels up and down the coast, searching fer treasure, the pirate o' her dreams and the man who murdered her father so that she can exact her revenge!

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Rag Doll Tinker    Sailor

I was born Marika Von Gogu. The daughter of Marilyn and Gaza Von Gogu. My mother ran a quiet tavern near the harbor. My father was a wandering gypsy vagabond. When he met my mother he had professed such love for my mother that they were soon wed.
However , the wandering gypsy blood of my father was to strong and he soon returned to the road leaving my mother and myself behind. The years passed and I struggled alongside my mother to run our business. One day a dark haired handsome sailor entered the tavern early in the day. I was still cleaning from the night before, scrubbing the floors , bare foot and in rags. He took a seat at the table in the back corner and called over to me, “You there , Little Ragdoll. How about an ale for a thirsty man.” I brought him his drink and he engaged me in conversation. I learned that he was a successful Captain involved in free enterprise. Stern and charming it didn’t take long for him to steel my hart. When it came time for him to go, he promised he would return to marry his “Little Ragdoll”. A promise I am glad to say he kept. He returned to me a few short months later and we were wed in a grand celebration. My dear Captain paid off all my mothers debts allowing me to sail with my husband and on many grand and wondrous adventures. Our meeting with Captain Morgan has been one of my most memorable and I am pleased to be a part of his women crew. 

Breezy Dawn    Sailor

Born to a gypsy mother, Breezy Dawn is not one to stay in one place for too long. As an only daughter she learned to hold her own in a fight and is as scrappy as a soakin wet cat in an ally. She'd rather hit you than cut ya, but if the need be she wont hesitate to do so. It's rumored that shes part elf, but some say thats just a poke at her small size. Her current focus is trying to engineer a way to grow an onboard, soiless, aerated, hydroponic garden that can be sustained during those long stretches at sea. Pirates cannot live on just rum and biscuits alone.

Jacquotte Delahaye *aka Shimmer*    Sailor 

Jacquotte Delahaye aka Shimmer – was raised in Saint-Dominique, daughter of a wealthy French father an’ a Haitian mother who died whilst birthin’ her. Jacquotte had no siblings, so ‘er father seen that she ‘ad all tha trainin’ a man would ‘ave ta’ make sure she always could care fer ‘erself. ‘Er father sadly was murdered after a business deal gone a’wry ‘an she ‘ad to run fer ‘er life. Ta escape her pursuers, she faked her own death and took on an alias, Shimmer, ta remind ‘er of tha grand life she once ‘ad. She found a home wit’ tha Outlaw Pirates whilst lookin’ ta avenge ‘er father. One day she found tha scallywags was hidin’ as crew on a ship sailed by their partners, tha Pirates fer Tender. After sneakin’ aboard their ship, a fierce battle ensued when she found tha thieves stealin gold an’ jewels as tha’ crew slept an Shimmer slashed down tha’ thieves one by one. When she came up fer air after tha deed was done, she was a standin’ in a cloud of gold dust an’ jewels. A Pirate fer Tender crewman, Jacques LeFevre, seen ‘er in ‘er glory an at that moment vowed she’d be ‘is bride. After lockin’ eyes wit’ tha handsome devil, Shimmer ‘ad another heart ta look after besides ‘er own. Stories say they work together still, goin’ wher’er tha winds blow the Outlaw Pirates an Pirates fer Tender.

Carmen Del Mar         Sailor

Carmen Del Mar is a pirate from Barcelona, Spain. She was the wife of a Spanish Naval officer until one day, she received word that her husband had been killed in battle with and English Man O' War. This enraged Carmen and she swore vengeance upon the English, however, Spain didn't want war with England and did not retaliate. Carmen knew pirates were a thorn in the sides of many an Englishman and that pirates were always killing the English and sinking their ships. So Carmen set out for Tortuga which was well known for being a pirate haven. It was there, in a seedy pub that Carmen met Captain Morgan. She told him her story, and Morgan, being a good man (for a pirate) promised her she would have her revenge and that the Magic Dragon would hunt down and sink every English ship that came within cannon range. Carmen was excited but insisted she be there to get her vengeance. So Morgan took her aboard his ship as a crewmember.

​​​​Lady Kai    Sailor Mermaid

The legends of a Mermaid's deadly charms are bountiful, indeed. But this mischievous sea-maiden is definitely one you will be wantin' on yer side when storms start a'brewin. The Lady Kai is a mermaid with a few tricks in her tail. Born of the land and sea, with a mermaid for a mother and a gypsy father, this mer can shed her tail at will and charm her way into the hearts, and aboard the decks, of any sea-lovin' scallywag! Never wanting to be too far from the sea, A deal was struck between The Captain and Kai. He offered her a place in his crew in return for her favor. After all, if you hold the favor of a mermaid, you have the very soul of the Sea on yer side.

Severine       Sailor Helmsman

Severine was born in a small Russian fishing village. She had a love of reading and drawing the boats in the harbor. After being sold into slavery her alcoholic father, Severine found herself aboard a strange ship. Despite the circumstances, she felt a comfort in the sea..until she found the ship under attack. The infamous Outlaw pirates, led by the fearsome Captain Morgan, had boarded the ship. She found herself face to face with the end of the Captains sword when he found her hiding in a closet. He offered to spare her life if she joined the crew,  which she graciously accepted. She is now at the helm, guiding the crew through the seas.Type your paragraph here.

Murphys Law    Sailor

I was a wee lass born off the coast of the shoaling  waters. Raised on the island Anchorage  of voices by gypsie bandits, that stold me from my wealthy father, I learned  my way following  the gypsies ways, traveling from the Romanian borders to the Atlantic seas.. Becoming  the best thief I earned my living pick pocketing and charming the most debonairing men of the sea, with my beauty that blinded them, as I robbed them penniless. Hence I've  become the famous pirate wench Murphy's  Law .Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.


Piece o'eight Penelope    Able Sailor

"An outstretched hand, an a piece o'eight..All I be needin ta put them in their place!" For that was all she ever needed when goin to the tavern. Now, the tavern be no place fer a lady, lest ye be servin the scallywags. An by no means was she just some wench! A buxum beauty she be. Poised "n" polished with flowin' blonde hair an a smile so white it could brighten even the darkest of chambers! Taught as a young lass not ta be trustin those bilge rat rumpots takin a likin to any pretty lass. YAH! YAH! You could hear the whip slap, as the hooves picked up an' hit the sand on the beach in a wild gallup, headed to the place where her mates might be. Orders from the Captain to retrieve the crew. For by morn, they'd set sail once again. Looking round about, saw no familiar faces of her mates, but in her gut knew somethin was amiss by the eerie silence in the tavern upon her arrival. Having her eight piece by her heart, ever so gently fingered it out of her bloussant, making sure all eyes had seen as she strutted about. "The first mouth to utter the truth to me shall have this in the palm of their hand, and the tongue that speaks lies shall have this! She raised her cutlass then pointed it at each one. Tell me now, where be me crew mates o' th Magic Dragon??"

Black Swan      Sailor Cooks Mate, Dancer, Crew Masseuse

Named for 'er long neck, black attire, and swan-like dance style, she can be found on deck with 'er favorite lasses, passing on dance moves learned from far off lands. There be no better way to end yer drunken nights o' dancin' and frolickin', than under the webbish fingers of Black Swan as she works 'er magic, ridding sore muscles of their aches by kneading and squeezing, mashing and knuckling. Hungry are ye? She DO know how to cook a fowl. Bring 'er the duck, she'll cook it with luck...birds of a feather, these swans flock together. See ye on board at the next Rum Gathering of the Crew !

Pirahna         Sailor

I was Born in Bristol England to a gold haired barmaid named Ellie Swan who named me Piranha. For I was small and had teeth when i was born. Mum died of consumption in me 14th year. But she told me i had a rightful claim to the name Kidd twas it be me fathers name and he be the pirate Captain William Kidd. So I stowed-away aboard a southern-bound ship named, Brethren of the Coast bound ports unknown. But I was soon found by a crew of filthy pirates. One of the pirates was a girl barely older than I. They called her ~Stormy Seas~ but her real name was Anne Bonny. 
I had some book learning and could cipher, read and right. Helped cook stew when we had meat or fish that all the crew liked. They taught me to climb the yardarms and masts to sew torn sails. And schooled on being a pirate and living life on the seas. 
Saved me they did from the hangman's noose. One summer we put ashore for the day to resupply our food stores. We dropped anchor near the western coast of Spain. We set out to find water, lantern oil, wood, bread and apples.  I was nabbed at dusk for stealin'n flour and bread under me skirts. I was brought to a bridge over a fast river gagged & tied there awaiting my fate.
Stormy, Dirty John & Jules Evermore rowed in at nightfall while my guard slept they slashed the ropes near the noose. So I didn't swing long, instead I fell on me ample arse into the fast black river below and to me surprise There were me Mates  in a rowboat Ready to row, Our Captain he  was ready to whey anchor when we returned under thick blankets of fog.
Holy Good  Lord! My sad fate was rescinded, Thanks to a pirate sword!

Lady Havana Manso De Contreras   Quartermaster

Lady Havana Manso de Contreras comes from a long line o' Spanish pirates. She be a direct descendant o' Francisco Manso de Contreras. Legend has it Francisco de Contreras bequeathed his pirate booty t' his heirs. Lady Havana Manso de Contreras came into possession o' t' treaaye through cunnin', treachery and murder
T' story's origins can be traced aft t' t' colonial town o' Remedios, a day's ride east o' Havana, where in an old Spanish church be locked t' records o' t' parish's births and marriages and t' seemin'ly magic key t' t' lost fortune o' Francisco Manso de Contreras.
Lady Havana Manso de Contreras be a cousin o' Kin' Philip II o' Spain, she was sent t' t' Caribbean in 1598 t' harass French and Dutch pirates and seize their stolen treaaye. Lady Havana sent most o' it home t' Spain, but kept enough t' build a vast fortune.
In 1603 She settled in Remedios, home o' Francisco, on an estate extendin' t' about 1,000 square miles. In 1704 and 1776 Lady Havana’s descendants sailed t' London. Her fortune be said t' be in t' Bank o' London, but t' rest o' t' world knows Lady Havana Manso de Contreras was a sly and cunnin' beauty and has buried her treaaye somewhere in t' Caribbean.
Lady Havana Manso de Contreras sails under t' pirate flag o' Captain Morgan aboard T' Magic Dragon. It be from this ship she sails t' seas and protects her vast fortune from would-be thieves .

Annie Travers      Sailor​​

Born in a forest glen in Tramore, County Waterford, Ireland to a sorceress Mother and a Bosun's Mate Father, Annie spent the majority of her childhood wandering the green hillsides and deep forests collecting beautiful stones and bits of woodland treasures to create gorgeous pieces of finery to sell to support herself after her Mother was taken from her at a young age.She reunited with her pirate Father, a direct desendant of Grace O'Malley, and ventured out to sail the high seas in search of grander treasures for her creations.


Kiki Kerosene    Sailor Fire Dancer

The warmth o' the day had been spent fighting with the natives of the isle they'd  landed upon. As she walked back slowly, barely alive, cold from the spray of the ocean, stumbled and fell. She looked up to find the sudden heat that came over her. Orange,yellow, red, and blue were being swirled together as her eyes beheld the fire! The heat welcomed her in as it spun fiercely and she felt renewed. She became mesmerized by the flame and knew then she had found 'er callin! She would become one with these flames!

Grabbing two coconuts and some rope, she lit them on fire. She began to move and dance as the fire greedily licked the air around it. The crew stopped in their tracks, mesmerized by the heat of the flames and the heat from the passion within her! They had never beheld such a sight. It were as though a spell had been cast. They all began to move and dance to the rhythm of the flame! Now, each night they end their evening with the dance o' Kiki and the fire she 'as tamed!

Dangerous Dani Doublooms     Sailor Sail Maker

Starting life as a humble florist, she gave up flowers to become a vivacious pirate. Her name was given to her after an interesting adventure. She were taunting her mark whilst swillin' rum. She baited him with the notion that if'n he tossed a doubloon in the air, she would catch it with her..."doublooms". Distracted, the sorry salt were unaware the she had pulled 'er persuadin' pistol and pointed it directly at 'is forehead. She demanded all 'is coin with the punishment o' a metal ball between the eyes if'n he made a fuss. Once 'er hands were crossed with his silver and gold she gave 'im a quick kiss only to disappear in the darkness... back to the Magic Dragon to share 'er loot with her Captain and crew!

Wendy       Sailor

Born the daughter of a necromancer father. .  She ran off to FLEE from an abusive upbringing. Resorted to thieving to survive.. she has a way of bringing the dead back to life with her charms. A pirate took her as his bride and she summoned the spirits to free her from his imprisonment. . The crew realizing their Captain was no longer amongst the living, yet feared her mystical  powers abandoned  ship.. leaving  her to drift at sea alone with nothing  but the Captain's lifeless body to keep her company.. the ship came to a stop . At the port of Tortuga, where she met Captain Morgan and his crew...  the rest be just history. .




Ruckus O'Kraken     Sailor

​Ruckus O'Kraken Born of a Scottish mother and French father she learned the ways of the world early in life. After her father met an early demise at the hands of an unskilled surgeon, her mother abandoned her to marry into a family of great wealth. Being left alone she was forced to find her own way in the world. Upon arriving at the coast she soon met a handsome privateer who seduced her and took her as his partner in crime. Alas, he too met an early departure from this life and once again she searches each port for a pirate who can capture her heart. Do not underestimate this one. Taught the rules of the high seas, she uses them to her advantage. A gatherer of stories, she can weave a wicked tale of grand adventures. Like the sirens of the ocean, she can entice and enchant you to do her bidding.

Fireball, the Lady Flogger    Sailor

Wit' the mere mention o'  'Er name, Fireball strikes Fear into the soul o' any misfit Pirate who misbehaves. Cuz, they know dat Fireball, The Lady Flogger is a Whip Master!  She waves 'er flogger faster than a cannonball & wit' a gleam in 'er eye.  She will arch 'er back wit' every stroke and ye will see nothin' but a Whirlin' Tornado o' her long Red locks as 'er flogger rips into ye!   
Warning to all: Mind the Captain and Mind ye morale  or ye will pay the price- A Fireball Floggin'!  When the Ship docks at port, Fireball retreats to 'er Private Quarters at the Booty Lounge wherein she reigns as Queen amid 'er collection of Cabin Boys that she cast her passionate spell over !  The truly worthy are privileged to visit the Queen and her Court o' ravishing Beauties as all imbibe in Rum and seek the Queen's pleasure!

Frog       Sailor

"Ahhhhh, there ye be" she muttered to herself as she boarded the lovely ship she intended to take over. Seein that only half the crew be onboard, when she'd arrived, thought of a plan to singlehandedly throw em o'rboard. To their dismay, one by one justa kickin an screaming like little freaky frogs inta the deep dispairin ocean they went! "Now then, I need me a crew! A thought came about in her schemin mind. 'Twas of a Pirate whom she new and trusted, Captain Morgan! she exclaimed!, so went about her way ta find em ta add the Shining Emerald to the fleet. This Freaky Frog spends most 'o her time above them all, in the crows nest as if it were in a main castle top, keeping a weathered eye out fer the first ship within sight. Her wiley ways an mischievous  thoughts on how ta conquer a ship, an always leapin 'round were ya'd least expect! Beware 'o her, lest ye come near the poisons in her skin, touch em an it'll be the last thing ye ever do, round this hopeless hoppin lass! 






  The Outlaw Pirates